Ocean Wave - 19ft Double Lane Water Slide

AWESOME 19ft Double Lane Water Slide

19ft Double Lane Water Slide.jpg

A great double lane water slide for any event, gathering, party, or bbq. Call us at 352-559-3561 to reserve this awesome unit today.


Castle Bounce House with Slide

Great Castle Bounce House with Slide and pool.

This unit can be used with or without water. So, it is a great piece to have all year round. 

Call us at 352-559-3561

Dimensions: 23ft long by 13ft high by 10ft High

21 Feet Double Lane Water Slide

That is right! We said 21 feet Tall Double Lane Water Slide. Bigger than most houses around. You will have loads of fun racing down the slide. 

Call 352-559-3561 to check on availability. 

21ft Double Lane Water Slide.jpg

Frozen Bounce House (Wet)

Frozen Bounce House (Wet)

This is a great bounce for the warm days and you want to have some fun. Great bounce house area with a great slide to go down.

Call 352-559-3561 for great deals and pricing today.